Monday, May 17, 2010

This one's for Peter...

So, we recently made a trip south to Savannah, Ga., and I proved myself to be an ugly New Englander.

Bobby and I were at a restaurant on a slow night. There were only a handful of people and we were sitting on top of another couple. Well, it turns out I talk too loud (surprise). We had this strange waiter who was easily 6-foot-2. He had a different accent every time he came back to our table. At one point he sounded French, next he sounded Italian, and finally he threw in a y'all for good measure.

I had noticed while in Savannah that practically everyone uses y'all even if they have no business using it. The town is filled with college students that are clearly from the Northeast, yet they feel obliged to say y'all after nearly every sentence.

So, I commented (a bit too loudly) to Bobby something to this effect:
"Everyone in this city is so fake. They all use Southern accents even though they aren't from here."

After the couple next to us left Bobby informed me that the woman sitting next to me was not happy with my comment and said so to her dining companion.

In my defense: Could you ever imagine a college student in Boston taking on the local accent just for show? Of course not. But for some reason in Savannah, everyone wants to have a drawl.

It's just weird.

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