Thursday, July 15, 2010

My New York Times debut

Amazing! I have officially made it in the New York Times! I answered David Pogue's (@pogue) call on Twitter for app ideas a few days ago. And sure enough, my brilliant idea made it into his latest tech column. You have to click through to the second page, but it's there.

Now, I should also point out that my idea was slightly edited. I originally wrote:

"A grocery store app that tells you the aisle of the item you are looking for... No more searching for capers!"

And the copy editors at the Times changed it to "An grocery-story app..." The "an" sounds awkward to me, but perhaps there is some archaic grammar rule they are trying to follow. Whatever! I'm in the New York Times!


  1. They probably wrote "an app" and then inserted "grocery store" later. Too bad they put it in quotes so it looks like your bad... but like you said, whatever, you're in the NY times! That's awesome! I'm going to tell my husband. Too cool.

  2. Update. Turns out there's a company already working on my dream app. They found me on Twitter! Social networking is nutz!