Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm just talking about Smuggs

Bobby and I went camping at Smugglers Notch State Park in Stowe, Vt. We climbed to the top of Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in the Green Mountain State. This was our third attempt at reaching the top, and this time we succeeded. We took the Hell Brook Trail up, which apparently is the most difficult way to get up the mountain. At the time we were really excited that we were so fit that we could complete such a difficult climb. Today, with our sore muscles, we realize we were just dummies.

Here's a photo slideshow of our adventures (before the muscle cramps set in). It took us about six hours round trip.

I have just one question: Why do hikers carry those stupid walking sticks? They are completely useless and cost a lot of money. I am going to start a movement to ban those from state parks in New England. You just look like Yuppies people!

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