Sunday, November 29, 2009

What's for dinner?

If there's one topic that causes stress in the Davis household, it's what's for dinner. Bobby would be happy with any side of a cow bleeding on a plate, but I have much more refined tastes. Okay, not so much refined as picky. And I'm fundamentally lazy, which means I don't like to cook.

For the first couple years of living together we tended to leave planning for dinner to the last minute, which left both of us annoyed and unhappy. Typically, we would talk on the way home from work and stressfully inquire: Hey, what's for dinner? Then we'd argue about what we should have and opt for dining out. But ITE (in this economy), going out is a little pricey, especially if you do it five days per week.

We were faced with three options:
1 - Get a divorce (not desirable)
2 - Stop eating (less desirable)
3 - Start planning

We selected the option behind door number three, and that's worked out pretty well. We generally plan our meals out on Sunday before we go to Stop & Shop for our weekly supermarket stroll. And we split the cooking down the middle (unless you ask Bobby and he'll claim that he makes all the meals. Whatevs!).

Anyway, here's what's for dinner this week:
Sunday - Cod cakes (pictured in process above) with brussel sprouts
Monday - Pasta dish with tuna that we saw on the Food Network
Tuesday - Dinner in a bag (one of those handy frozen meals that taste really good because they have a tremendous amount of fat and salt in them. Not the healthiest option, but we're both in class until 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, so it has to be easy and quick).
Wednesday - Cheesy tortellini
Thursday - Grilled chicken and salad
Friday - Angel hair pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese
Saturday - Out to dinner

That's it for this blog post. Today's Fit Count? Two

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