Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Whiners in helmets

Heard this story on the way home from the office today. It's about a bunch of whiny cyclists in California who are mad at the drivers that threaten them on the roadways. Now, I am not an advocate for threatening cyclists, but I am an advocate for using common sense. I like to ride my bike, but I'm smart enough to stay off roads that have a lot of cars or that are too windy and narrow. And I certainly don't ride two, three-people abreast on aforementioned windy and narrow roads.

Here's a really insightful quote from the story:
"When I see the light turn red, I try to race as fast as I can through it," she says, "because I know I will have a block of peace and quiet, where there won't be cars behind me."
Yeah, that sounds like a great strategy.

Just stick to the back country roads and you'll be fine! Last time I checked, riding your bike on a major thoroughfare in one of the most congested regions of the of United States was not included in the Bill of Rights. If you love your bike so much and want to ride it every day, move to Kansas. I'm sure they have ample shoulders for your Cannondale 12 speed.

Oh snap!


  1. The road is for everyone, not just the SUV's and Republican a-holes that have ruined this country, Iraq and Afghanistan. If I want to ride my bike, eat tofu and use the public thorofares during heavy commuting times, I Can.

  2. jogger's. people walking. get to the side when i'm coming through. To me the road is barely wide enough for cars.