Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm surrounded by viruses at every turn.

I discovered today that I had 26 (count them, 26) bits of malware on my work computer. Doh! Guess my daily visits to the gossip site x17online.com (only during my lunch break, boss) have made me vulnerable to attack. I will have to break my addiction to the site, which will be almost as hard as giving up Coca-Cola.

And if that weren't enough... I came home to a virus for a husband. He picked up something in Maryland, so my motto is:
I was hoping to watch The Good Wife tonight, my new favorite show. But I just discovered that it's being preempted by the stupid Victoria Secret fashion show, which stretches a five-minute display of lingerie into a 30-minute time suck. But I'm a loser, so I'll probably watch it. Boom Boom Pow.

Fit Count: Zero

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